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Sample Requirements

All test requests must be submitted to Diagnostics360 through the portal or using our request form  before the sample is sent to the laboratory.


Category B samples must be packaged according to the following guidance:

  1. Primary container
    • The sample must be placed into a correctly labelled, water-tight and leakproof specimen container. For information on the correct container to use, please consult laboratory staff.
    • This container must then go into a purpose-designed plastic specimen bag to separate multiple samples.
  2. Secondary packaging
    • The primary containers within their specimen bags must be placed in a clear, durable plastic bag.
    • The bag must contain sufficient absorbent material to absorb the contents of the primary container(s).
  3. Outer packaging
    • The secondary packaging must be placed in a compliant carrier. This must be maintained in good condition.
    • The outside of the carrier must be clearly labelled biological substance, Category B and display the diamond-shaped UN 3373 badge.
Diagnostics360 Packing
Diagnostics360 Packing


Any sample that arrives to the laboratory is checked against the following acceptance criteria before processing:

If the sample fails to meet any of these criteria it is rejected and the sample is not processed. In this event, we will contact you and request that the sample is taken again. So that we can process your sample quickly, please ensure the sample is correctly labelled and packaged, and is stored and transported at the correct temperature, within the appropriate timeframe. For further information on sample requirements please contact lab@d360.co.uk.

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